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Academy Graduation Requirements


Academy graduates are recognized by a plaque presented at our annual Banquet and by a medallion to be worn at graduation. In addition, an Academy Class Profile and letter describing the program are enclosed with students’ transcripts sent to colleges and universities. Beginning in 2018, students have endorsements and performance acknowledgements on their transcripts.
Following are the minimum graduation requirements for the Academy. We expect that many Academy students will exceed them.

NOTE: The Academy reserves the right to modify course offerings and graduation requirements
based on staffing, funding, enrollment, and scheduling.

(1) Completion of the CISD 26-Credit Graduation Plan.

(A) The Academy Science Core: Four years of science, (one or more course per year) taught in the
Academy or otherwise pre-approved:
• Computer Science I Honors (9), Honors Biology (9)
• Honors Chemistry (10)
• AP Physics I (11);
• AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, or AP Physics C.

(B) The Academy Mathematics Core: Four years of mathematics, (one course per year) taught in
the Academy or otherwise pre-approved.
• Honors Geometry
• Honors Algebra II
• Honors Precalculus
• AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC

(C) Health Science Specialization: Principles of Health Science and Health Science Theory
(D) Computer Science Specialization: AP Computer Science A; AP Computer Science Principles

(E) Specialization Requirements
At least one additional advanced course: (chosen from AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, AP Biology, an advanced AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology DC, AP Seminar and AP Research.

(2) Explorations (co-curricular)
Students must complete 14 exploration credits by the end of their Sophomore year.

(3) Internship (co-curricular)
Student is eligible after the sophomore year, but typically completed between the junior and senior year.

(4) Research and Problems (co-curricular)
Research and Problems I, II, and III credits are earned through independent, co-curricular projects done in grades 10, 11, and 12 as appropriate. Projects should be completed by the end of the third nine weeks each year for credit to be given. Freshmen complete this requirement through participation in science fair.

(5) Community Service (100 hours)
Academy graduates are future leaders who understand the importance of giving back to their community. By the end of the third nine weeks of their senior year, students should have completed a minimum of 100 hours of community service. Logs can be found on the Academy website and should be turned in to the Academy office.