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Community Service

Use this form to document your community service. Turn in the completed forms to the Academy office.

Community Service Log

Community Service

A minimum of 100 hours of community service must be completed by the end of the third nine weeks of their senior year. A log to document these hours, as well as volunteer opportunities, can be found on the Academy website.

Examples of community service:

  • Volunteering at the animal shelter
  • Volunteering at the food bank
  • Volunteering at the Montgomery County library
  • Volunteering at a junior high or elementary school activity
  • Volunteering through Montgomery County United Way
  • Volunteering through Woodlands Interfaith
  • Volunteer with the YMCA
  • Assisting elderly or disabled neighbors with chores, errands, yard work
  • Working Freshmen Orientation
  • Helping teachers on teacher workdays
  • Tutoring outside of school hours


Community service guidelines:

  • You cannot receive payment
  • The activity cannot be part of a fundraiser
  • The activity cannot be required by a sport/program you are in (i.e., band, ROTC, football, etc.)
  • You cannot receive a grade in class for the activity
  • The activity cannot be during school hours (unless arranged through Academy office, ex. Read for a Better Life activities at an elementary school).
  • You MAY count community service hours done for another organization towards your Academy requirement.

A variety of opportunities to serve our neighbors in Montgomery County can be found here: