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Exploration Credits


Prerequisites: None
Class Rank Category: Local (0)

Academy students are required to earn 14 “Exploration Credits” over two years that then generate one-unit of local credit for the Explorations course. Credit will be given for lectures as well as trips that take place at night, on Saturdays, on holidays, over weekends, and during breaks, and will focus on developing self-reliance, responsibility, and a greater understanding of career opportunities and of the importance of science and technology in our world. Activities earning trip equivalents are announced during the year by e-mail and on our web site. Preapproved activities can be found on the Preapproved Exploration Credit Form from the link below.

Note 1: By pre-arrangement, students may be given “trip equivalents” for travel experiences with parents or on their own. The Proposal for Exploration Credit Form is also available from the link below.

Note 2: Students are expected to complete their Explorations by the end of their sophomore year. Explorations MUST be completed before the Internship may be started. A letter jacket patch is awarded when Explorations are completed.

Preapproved Exploration Credit Form

Proposal for Exploration Credit

Example Summary Essay