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Research and Problems

Research and Problems I, II, III

Research and Problems Contract for 2022-2023pdf

Students in 9th grade and new students are required to do an individual or group experimental research project as part of the Computer Science Honors course. These students must also enter their projects in the SCI://TECH Science Fair, and if successful, compete in the Science Engineering Fair of Houston, The Exxon-Mobil Science and Engineering Fair, and the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.

Students in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades must choose from a list of competitive events to earn Research and Problems credit each year. A sample selection form and possible events can be found above and from the Academy office.

Research and Problems I
H0641 1 Local Credit Grade 10 Co-curricular
Prerequisites: None
Class Rank Category: Local (0)

Research and Problems II
H0651 1 Local Credit Grade 11 Co-curricular
Prerequisites: Research and Problems I
Class Rank Category: Local (0)

Research and Problems III
H0661 1 Local Credit Grade 12 Co-curricular
Prerequisites: Research and Problems II
Class Rank Category: Local (0)

One credit of Research and Problems will be earned each year that a student successfully completes the required Academy major project in grades 10-12. For their projects, students may solve design problems, do individual or group research, or participate in Destination Imagination or other approved competitions. Credit will be awarded upon completion of the course requirements.